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About Us

The pursuit of eternal youth, an existence without ageing or looking young forever – an aspiration human being has been chasing since forever. Staying young is a wish which everyone has. We all dream if the mythical tales like “POTION OF ELIXIR” existed and how we wish these tales could have been true.
While this quest for us human beings is still going on, advancements in Science & Medicine have been able to provide solutions which obviously cannot stop ageing as it’s a biological and natural process but ensure that we look young and embrace ageing with grace and confidence. The life expectancy currently is approx. 75 years and is anticipated to cross 100 years in times to come. There is a critical need to not only extend lifespan but also to enhance the quality of those additional years, promoting a state where individuals appear and feel younger and more physically fit.
This critical need led to creation of Aesthetify India where we introduce and market safe, effective and exquisite anti-aging products for the Indian market.

Our Pillars

360 Degree Solution for Partners

Embark on a transformative partnership with our comprehensive 360-degree solution designed exclusively for our valued partners. Our commitment goes beyond product distribution; we offer a holistic support system with flexible online and offline training modules tailored to your convenience.

Top Global Products from 100% Genuine Source

We firmly believe in delivering our products to partners through a genuine channel. To achieve this, we collaborate with top-tier companies rather than relying on intermediaries in the market. Each product has a unique identifier which helps to track it backwards with the manufacturer.

Training Support & International Expertise for Consultation

With unwavering brand support, we assure you continuous access to international expertise, ensuring you remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

Vast Online Scientific Content Available - 24x7

Explore a wealth of scientific knowledge with our vast online repository, available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Gunjan Jain

Gunjan with a rich work experience in the startup industry and with brands like HDFC Bank & BMW India for 13 years brings a lot of team management skills, operations and Financial Management. Alongside, Gunjan has a keen eye to detail when it comes to identifying aesthetic trends to bring interesting concepts to the Indian market.

Sanchit Jain

With rich experience in FMCG and Retail Industry of 15 Years. He has worked for the top companies of the country such as Dabur,Bharti, Future Group, Spencers Retail where he has been prudential for launching new brands to bring growth to the company and his partners over the years.

With an in-depth understanding of the Indian Market and consumer trends he brings a lot of value to its business partners in terms of better ROIs and wider reach. This Duo is continuously upscaling skills & research to be part of constant change in the beauty, aesthetics & wellness industry. They are always in action to find the latest trends and travel globally to find the best products.

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