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Lowest MoD Level Among Monophasic Fillers
The 9 Process Promises Excellent Quality

The 9 Process

e.p.t.q. is manufactured according to our criteria, “THE 9 PROCESS”, to produce our high-safety fillers and is strictly managed with EP (European Pharmacopoeia) standards.
“THE 9 PROCESS” serves as the guiding manufacturing principle of e.p.t.q., emphasising the enhancement of beauty while minimising potential adverse effects.

The 9 Process Emblem

This emblem contains the meaning that e.p.t.q. is a safe dermal filler manufactured through THE 9 PROCESS, similarly to the confirmation stamp on the certificate.

Safe Raw Material

e.p.t.q.® uses pharmaceutical Grade (EP, USP registered) HA ingredient intended for intra-articular and intra-ocular preparation(Stricter endotoxin standard than EP;
EP standard: <0.05IU/mg,
e.p.t.q.® raw material standard: <0.04IU/mg)

HA Concentration

The Hyaluronic acid concentration across all the variants is similar with a high concentration of 24mg/ml. We maintain high purity Hyaluronic acid content in our fillers to have great results and prevent any serious adverse effects.

High Viscoelasticity

Our products boast high viscoelasticity for a remarkable lifting effect.

Technology of Particle Homogenization

We implement technology for uniform and precise particle distribution, allowing for exquisite moulding, even extrusion force and best natural results.

No detection of Residual BDDE

Our complete and efficient cross-linking process ensures no detection of residual chemical catalyst substances.

Aseptic Environment

We maintain an aseptic manufacturing environment to prevent potential side effects.

Less Than 0.1 EU/ml of Endotoxin

Our products contain less than 0.1 EU/ml of endotoxin.

Similar pH and Osmotic Pressure

Minimising discomfort with pH and osmotic pressure levels similar to the human body.

Extrusion Force

We employ optimised injection pressure for precise and delicate procedures.



S100 S300 S500
HA 24mg/ml
HA 24mg/ml
HA 24mg/ml
Depth of Injection
Mid Dermis
Deep Dermis
Subcutaneous/ Supraperiosteal Layer
Inserted Needles
27G 1 ea
30G 1 ea
27G 2ea
25G 1ea
27G 1ea
Gel Image
Crosslinking Degree


Dr. Shilpi Bhadani MBBS | MS - General Surgery | Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

e.p.t.q Dermal Fillers consistently meet the essential criteria on my parameter checklist, making them my preferred choice for enhancing my patients' facial features. These fillers excel in key areas, such as safety, longer duration, exceptional cohesiveness, effortless molding capabilities, and the delivery of homogeneous and natural-looking results.

Dr. Akriti Gakhar MD | Dermatologist | DNB | MBBS

e.p.t.q fillers have optimal viscoelasticity and long-lasting filler. It enables precise treatment on the desired area with gentle and even extrusion force. With these fillers everything from exceptional volume to natural results is possible.

Dr. Chandni Jain Gupta MBBS & MD (Gold Medalist)

Aesthetic Surgery (Milan) is Recently used E.p.t.q fillers by aesthetify india, just love the texture, volume and feel of the product. Did a patient of 60 years and has got beautiful results with a perfect cheek lift. It works wonders for tear trough as well. Highly Recommended. 👌🏻⭐

Dr. Micky Kushal Clinical Training Manager

Recently i used eptq fillers and found them to be wonderful - these fillers give very natural results, extrusion force is absolutely optimal and hence easy to inject, the raw material used for these fillers is pharmaceutical grade.


JETEMA Co. Ltd founded in 2015 is a Seoul,South Korea based Pharmaceutical Company with focus on R&D and Innovation as the Backbone. A KOSDAQ listed company (216080:KS) with annual revenue of $37.2 Mn in 2022 with a CAGR of 41.4%. The company has a robust 20% of R&D investment to revenue ratio.
Jetema is currently manufacturing HA Fillers, Botulinum Toxin, PDO Threads,Meso Solutions and other Dermatology related cosmetic products.
Jetema’s products are well accepted in more than 60 countries and used by thousands of Medical Practitioners across the world.
The company is accredited with CE, ANVISA,GMP,KFDA Certification showcasing the world class products manufactured by them. Currently, Jetema is manufacturing its products our of 2 Factories and 1 R&D Facility located in South Korea and Head office based out of Seoul, South Korea.
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