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Experience the magic of e.p.t.q’s Dermal Fillers in real beauty transformations

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A Hyaluronic Acid filler is composed of a substance similar to the hyaluronic acid naturally present in the human body. Administered through injection, it is strategically placed in areas requiring volume, effectively filling in the designated space. Known for its popularity, this filler material is hydrolyzed (can be melted) by enzymes.
Certainly. e.p.t.q. fillers prioritise safety with ZEEP technology. The raw material, Hyaluronic acid, is registered with USP and EP for quality assurance. We maintain endotoxin levels below 0.1 IU/ml, and our technology minimises BDDE, ensuring a high level of safety for users.
In extremely rare cases (0.00138% of cases), minimal bruising or swelling may occur, well within the acceptable range. We conduct rigorous tests to ensure our fillers provide a comfortable and safe experience for users.
Our manufacturing processes strictly adhere to aseptic techniques, significantly reducing the risk of infection. With less than 2% MoD levels, e.p.t.q. fillers stand out for their biocompatibility, prioritising the safety of our users.
The risk of nodules or granulomas is minimised thanks to the high cohesiveness and small, homogeneous particles in our fillers. The unique 'Downing Process' further ensures the safety and effectiveness of our products.
e.p.t.q. fillers offer a versatile range to address various aesthetic concerns. From sunken eyes to [other specific concerns], our products provide tailored solutions, meeting the diverse needs of our users.
Absolutely. JETEMA Co. Ltd., Korea invests 25% of their annual turnover in scientific research and clinical studies to ensure the best product is delivered to its consumers.. You can find research papers supporting our claims in the digital library of medical journals, particularly on platforms like PubMed. Our commitment to evidence-based practice ensures the reliability of our products.
Absolutely. We go beyond being product providers; we are your partners. Our comprehensive training programs, educational resources, and ongoing support are tailored to ensure that medical practitioners are equipped with the knowledge and skills for proper injection techniques, ultimately leading to optimal patient satisfaction. We believe in empowering practitioners for success in the field of Medical Aesthetics.
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